Man wanted in domestic violence incident involved in fatal crash in Detroit

Posted at 8:56 AM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 17:57:06-04

7 Action News has learned Patrick Hurling of River Rouge was the innocent victim in this morning's accident.

The roads near the intersection of Schaefer and the Jefferies Service Drive were closed for a fatal crash investigation after police tell us the driver who caused it was wanted on a separate domestic violence incident and was being followed by officers at the time of the crash.

"He was coming from that side, and kept going and you heard the noise and you're like woah what happened,” said Marcus Preston. “And then bam!"

Preston was working at a nearby gas station when he says he saw a blue van blow through a red light at Schaefer and the Service Drive. The van hit a silver sedan.

"The guy in the intersection had no where to go, he had no where to go,” said Preston.

The man inside that sedan was ejected.

"The collision was pretty extreme and it looks like he was knocked out of the vehicle,” said Detroit Police Commander Nick Kyriacou.

Police say officers were following the van because the driver was wanted for assault with intent to murder, involving a shooting from early this morning in the 14000 block of Northlawn, on Detroit’s west side.

Police say the suspect fired shots from an upstairs bedroom, knowing there were people in the room below.
He's also accused of shooting into a car, nearly hitting a 10-year-old boy.

"He attempted to do extreme harm to someone else so there was a compelling interest in us trying to get him into custody,” said Kyriacou.

Police say they were in a high speed chase with the suspect after that shooting, but lost him.

Another scout car spotted the suspect, and began to follow from a distance. Police say that scout car did not have lights and sirens on.

"They wanted to try to get another unit here before they initiated another pursuit,” explained Kyriacou. "We don't know why, if he saw them, or what was in his mind, but he did accelerate very heavily and ended up striking that vehicle when he disregarded the red light."

Police have not identified the other driver who was killed at the scene. We’re told he was an adult inside the car by himself.

That suspect was arrested at the scene shortly after the crash. We’re told he will now likely face charges for the assault and this fatal crash.