Detroit police say serial home invader is breaking into homes with young girls inside

Posted at 9:27 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 22:15:12-05

Detroit police say a serial home invader is targeting a west side neighborhood and homes where very young girls live.

Authorities have put out an alert for residents to lock their doors and be on the lookout if you live in the area of Six Mile Road and Southfield. 

The suspect is a described as wearing a hood with the drawstring pulled tight. He allegedly is breaking into homes in the North Rosedale area near Six Mile Road and Southfield. There's a common connection with all of the homes the suspect is targeting – very young girls live inside, and the home invasions are happening while everyone inside is asleep. 

“The occupants of the home are awakened," said Capt. Jevon Johnson of the DPD Special Victims Unit. "That’s when they find him.”

Detroit police say that so far there are three homes that have been hit, in October and November. Each time, the man was caught inside and then ran away. 

"Be sure to secure your homes at night – the windows, the doors," Johnson said. "And definitely talk to your children about stranger danger.”

This is an ongoing investigation, and police are being tight-lipped on if they know who the suspect is. Authorities also have not released information on what else the suspect is believed to be doing inside of the homes.