Court hearing today regarding DPS sick-outs

Posted at 5:30 AM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 05:41:14-04
The Detroit Public Schools teacher sick-outs will take center stage in court today.
A hearing is scheduled as a lawsuit against the teachers moves forward. The lawsuit was filed earlier this year after thousands of children were locked out of school by the sick-outs in January. 

The school district filed the suit, demanding a stop to sicks-outs.

In January, teachers were protesting very poor working conditions, lack of necessary school supplies, even showing our cameras the leaking ceilings, rodent feces and mold that covers some schools.

While teachers say the sick-outs were important to stand up for their rights, the district says it is hurting the kids, leaving more than 40,000 children out of school several times this year. 

Just this month, the Detroit Federation of Teachers urged more sick-outs, closing 94 schools two days in a row.


That sick-out was sparked by an announcement that teachers may not be paid for days already worked.

Legislators say they continue to work on bills to keep funneling money to DPS.

One recent package of bills granting $500-million to cover DPS costs was passed in the house, but has not yet been passed in the Senate.