Detroit Red Wings condemn use of logo during white nationalist rally

Posted at 12:40 PM, Aug 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-12 18:29:33-04

The Detroit Red Wings are condemning the use of the team's logo by white nationalists during a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday.

A video on the scene from a Huffington Post reporter showed multiple people at the rally holding up a sign with the team's logo on it white chanting "blood and soil."

In response, the team released this statement:

"The Detroit Red Wings vehemently disagree with and are not associated in any way with the event taking place today in Charlottesville, Va. The Red Wings believe that hockey is for everyone and we celebrate the great diversity of our fan base and our nation. We are exploring every possible legal action as it pertains to the misuse of our logo on this disturbing demonstration."

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly released this statement:

"We are offended and outraged by this blatantly improper and irresponsible use of intellectual property that is owned by the National Hockey League and our Clubs.  As you know, we are a League that cares deeply about and prioritizes inclusiveness at all levels of our game and in our society, and we likewise oppose the efforts of those who do not share those ideals.  We have immediately begun to explore all potential legal options and intend to take whatever actions are necessary to address the offensive and unauthorized use of our property."

Rally supporters and counter-protesters screamed, chanted, threw punches, hurled water bottles and unleashed chemical sprays on each other Saturday morning.

Men dressed in militia uniforms were carrying shields and openly carrying long guns. Right-wing blogger Jason Kessler planned what he called a "pro-white" rally to protest Charlottesville's decision to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

City officials declared a local emergency shortly after 11 a.m.