Detroit restaurant SheWolf named among 'Best new restaurants of 2018'

Posted at 5:11 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 17:11:52-05

A new restaurant on Selden St. in Midtown Detroit has been named one of Thrillist's "Best New Restaurants of 2018."

SheWolf Pastificia & Bar, located in the heart of Midtown, describes itself as "modern Roman cuisine" and is led by Anthony Lombardo, who is the executive chef, Mark Camaj, the Chef Di Cucina, and General Manager Mindy Lopus.

On their Facebook page, SheWolf writes, "SheWolf’s cuisine will be chef-driven, contemporary Italian. Inspired by Rome of old as well as the modern metropolis that Rome is today. Other regions of Italy often show up in Rome, and will also show up on the SheWolf menu because talented chefs want to be cooking in Rome just like talented chefs of Michigan and the midwest want to cook in Detroit."

The Thrillist article reads, "at the center of the menu is a pasta family tree highlighting just how intertwined cacio e pepe, la gricia, carbonara, and amatriciana are. The differences are subtle -- the addition of an egg or a tomato here, the use of rigatoni there -- but it’s worth ordering all four."