Detroit Zoo announces birth of twin red panda cubs

Twin red panda cubs
Posted at 11:07 AM, Jun 25, 2024

The Detroit Zoo said that twin red pandas were born earlier this month to mother Ginger and father Ravi.

According to the zoo, 7-year-old Ravi and 3-year-old Giner welcomed the twin cubs on June 17.

Officials say Ginger has been a very "attentive and caring mother" and the cubs appear to be healthy and hydrated.

"The first few months are critical for red panda cubs, as they remain fragile and heavily dependent on their mother. However, we are cautiously optimistic that these cubs will thrive," the Zoo said.

While the cubs are still growing, Ginger will be caring for them in a nest box that provides a secluded and quiet space.

The zoo has also closed the pedestrian rope bridge over the red panda habitat while Ginger cares for the cubs.

"We hope Ginger and Ravi’s cubs will grow to be strong, healthy ambassadors for their wild counterparts, helping raise awareness of red panda conservation needs. Please stay tuned to our social media channels as we track the cubs’ progress in the coming months!" the zoo said.