Detroit's Most Wanted: Dwayne Taylor is No. 1 most wanted

Posted at 10:18 AM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 23:25:42-05

A huge drug ring out of Detroit has been busted by the DEA.

Two men responsible are serving life behind bars while the U.S. Marshals say their coconspirator keeps the business running.

It’s a high profile drug case and the Marshals say they have exhausted all their resources, along with the DEA.

“This organization that the Powell brothers were running that Taylor’s part of,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Aaron Garcia said.  “One of the biggest organizations in Michigan for years.

It’s an organization the U.S. Marshals and DEA want to finally close the book on.

“This organization was known for moving drugs from Michigan to Arizona from Mexico, this was a national organization- these guys got contacts everywhere,” Garcia said.

The U.S. Marshals captured ring leaders Eric and Carlos Powell who are now serving life for the heroin ring.

That puts Dwayne Taylor at the top of the most wanted list.

“Taylor would be in charge of moving the heroin from the semi trucks, getting them to the locations they need to go,” Garcia said.

He believes Taylor now leads the drug ring still based here in Detroit.

“This is a guy who has resources, who has drugs, who has access to weapons that are filling our community here in the City of Detroit and getting pushed on the street,” Garcia said.

Dwayne Taylor is 5’7” and 185 pounds. He uses the alias Dale Hill or Weezy.

“This guy here is in the Detroit area still,” Garcia said. “We just need that one tip, that viewer tip.”

The Marshals are offering a reward for information on Dwayne Taylor.

As always you can call them 24/7 and remain anonymous at (313) 234-5656.