Marshals search for ID thief wanted in 2 states

Posted: 6:22 PM, May 13, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-13 18:46:28-04

Three of Detroit’s most wanted men are back behind bars as we enter day five of our 7 on 7 series featuring 7 of the most wanted fugitives in our neighborhoods.

Monday we featured Joseph Larry and Thursday night he was arrested by police in Pennsylvania.  They searched in their database after a high speed chase and nothing came up but when they Googled him, they found our story and he was arrested.

The US Marshals are bringing him back to Detroit for his connection to an April 2015 murder.

Tuesday, we brought you accused child sex predator Louis Wilson. A viewer tipped the Marshals off to where he lived. Wilson found out and after two years on the run he turned himself into Detroit Police Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday, less than an hour after convicted killer Kevin Wiley was featured on Detroit’s Most Wanted, the US Marshals were tipped off to his address in Kentucky and he was arrested.

Now the US Marshals are hunting for a scam artist who’s on a destructive crime spree.

You could be Sean Perry's next target. The US Marshals tell us he's stealing identities of people in metro Detroit and causing serious life changing damage.

Among his victims are a local cop and a disabled man and, since Perry is always using different names, police need your help in their hunt.

“A great master of disguise, a fraud artist, a scammer,” US Marshals DFAT Supervisor Aaron Garcia said.

Garcia says he doesn’t know what name Perry is going under because of the numerous fake ID’s they’ve uncovered.

“One of the ID’s he was under is a Lathrup Police Officer,” he said.

Perry is 28-years-old and wanted for more than 35 state and federal felonies in Michigan and Florida.

“He’s been a step ahead of us, we missed him by hours recently,” Garcia said.

Part of a multi-state crime ring, Garcia says Perry uses those IDs to buy guns, fuel his drug business and go on nationwide shopping sprees.

“These guys are smart, they know what they’re doing,” he said.

Perry was bonded out after serving federal time for drug charges, that’s when he fled and, Garcia says, his crime spree got out of control.

“You work so hard to protect yourself, protect your family against violent crime,” Garcia said.  "Guys like, this it’s hard to protect yourself against because you don’t know you’re the victim of a crime until it’s too late.”

Sean Perry is 6 feet tall, 145 pounds with tattoos on both arms.  He is considered armed and dangerous.

Call the US Marshals with any information on where he may be anytime at (313) 234-5656.

There are rewards being offered for information on any of the fugitives we're featuring this week on Detroit’s Most Wanted.

“We need that help, that tipsters help- somebody’s going to recognize him, somebody knows him.”