Search for a birthday party killer

Posted at 11:26 PM, Feb 18, 2016

A father of three- shot and killed at a child’s birthday party on Saturday.

As his family gets ready to say their final goodbye, the hunt intensifies for the man police say is responsible for this heinous crime.

Sean Key died a hero. Police say he was shot while shielding small children as fights broke out at a Melvindale arcade.

The shooter fled. Now the US Marshals are on the case and they’re working around the clock until Lamar Carter is back behind bars.

Surveillance images set the scene: bright colored floors, kids and balloons, two separate birthday celebrations unknowingly booked on the same day by two different families - who it turns out knew each other all too well.

Police tell us there’s a long running, bloody feud between the two and as the physical altercations heated up, Carter, took things to another level.

“Walked to the back party area, pulled out a gun, aimed the gun at a female’s head, the female ducked down, the suspect aimed at a male who was shielding some little kids and he fired one round which struck the victim in the head,” is how Lt. John Allen with Melvindale police described what happened.

Sean’s brother, Erik, says he wasn’t associated with either family or their feud- and was simply there for a one-year-old’s birthday.

He’s now caring for Sean’s three children, tasked with explaining to them the details of the senseless way their father was murdered.

Caught on camera during the murder, Carter is 5’9”, 155 pounds wearing camo pants and a red hoodie police believe he may still be wearing.

As Erik prepares to lay his brother to rest, he’s looking for peace in knowing his killer is back behind bars.

The US Marshals are offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of Lamar Carter. If you know where he is, you can call the US Marshals 24/7 at 313-234-5656.