Dining in igloos? It's the new trend hitting metro Detroit restaurants

Posted at 5:57 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 17:58:06-05

It’s a new trend in winter dining. Enjoy a warm meal or drinks inside an igloo.

It’s increasing business at one restaurant in Northville. Vic Dzenowagis owns Deadwood Bar & Grill and he describes the experience as, “Sit outside but still be inside.”

What used to be an empty patio during winter has turned into a home for two heated igloos.

“It’s 20 degrees, snow is falling and you’re drinking and eating and having a great time.”

Like bubbles in bubbly, Igloos are ‘popping up’ around metro Detroit.

Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills, Lumen in Detroit and Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham all offer igloos this season.

At Deadwood, their igloos have themes: the Grey Wolf and Llama Lounge with beautiful, cozy decor. They are custom made out of glass-like material, similar to a greenhouse.

The igloos seat 10 people and there is a $200 minimum as they offer up their entire menu.

“Where else can you go where you have your own private small dining room and be outside?”

Reservations are a must!

Deadwood isn’t fully booked up for the season, but they already have 4,000 reservations in the books through February.

This new novelty has Deadwood’s sales up by 35 percent, which is nearly $100,000 more during the season.

Dzenowagis says people seem to enjoy this unique experience.

“It gives our customers something different, something new,” he said.

They plan on keeping the igloos until the end of March and bringing them back next November.