Disturbance At Hospital Connected To Earlier Fatal Shooting

Posted at 9:15 PM, Nov 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-23 21:15:58-05

WXYZ — A large police presence at Sinai-Grace Hospital, after reports from witnesses of a large fight breaking out - following a triple shooting less than two miles away.

According to police, loved ones of the people hurt in the triple-shooting, which killed one person Saturday, were at the hospital this afternoon, and that's when police were called in for a "disturbance."

Dozens of Detroit police officers searched an alley just across the street from Sinai-Grace emergency room this afternoon. Michigan State Police was also on scene - what they were searching for is unclear.

Maurice Randall, a witness who was in the emergency room just before the scene erupted, tells WXYZ's Jenn Schanz, that's when a large fight broke out there. "All the officers, they got on their walkie talkies and said it was a big fight. They came, pulled everybody out. One gentleman, he ran. I don't know what he had on him."

Detroit police say the disturbance stems from a triple shooting earlier Saturday at Manor and Fenkell. Three men were shot, one of them killed. The families of the men shot were at the hospital. It's unclear what led up to the fight.

Of the shooting, police say three men were sitting in a car when a dark SUV pulled up and someone started shooting. Police are still looking for the shooter.

No arrests were made at the hospital. The victims of the triple-shooting include at 23-year-old man fatally shot, another man, a 25-year-old, is listed in critical condition and a 23-year-old in temporary serious condition.

Police continue to investigate.