Don't get sucked into this free Dyson vacuum scam

Posted at 6:25 AM, Apr 28, 2021

(WXYZ) — If you own a household product and have been happy with it, it's nice to get a letter offering you a deal on an upgrade.

But here's a too-good-to-be-true offer that's one to avoid so you don't waste your money.

With many of us keeping our homes cleaner than they've been in years, wouldn't it be nice to get a brand new Dyson vacuum?

But we have a warning about an offer to win a new Dyson.

For many people, nothing cleans like a Dyson.

Linda Thatcher is one of them, so she was thrilled to get an email from the company.

"It was an email, and it was a Dyson, and I have a Dyson," she said.

The email offered a free Dyson product to "minimize the risk of infection in your home" during these difficult times.

"And they would give you a free stick Dyson, which I don't have, and I would like to have one," Thatcher said.

So she clicked on the link and as a countdown clock rolled they asked for a credit card.

"They give you like five minutes to give all your information, put it in," Thatcher said.

Flustered by the time running out, Thatcher gave her debit card that was connected to her bank account.

"I put in my debit card, that’s what I use all the time," she said.

Of course, the whole thing was a scam.

Linda did not receive a Dyson, or any further notice.

But her bank account was charged, then charged again, for $39.

That’s when she realized it was all a scam, leading her to cancel her debit card.

"They could have gotten to my whole bank account," Thatcher said. "That’s the really scary part!"

Dyson warns that it is not giving away vacuums. And that if you receive an email or social media post about a contest, your best bet is to trash it.

Or suck it up with one of their vacuums.

So remember: Dyson is not giving away vacuum cleaners, no matter how slick that email or Facebook post may look.