Dozens of recalled Volkswagens stolen from Silverdome lot, re-sold

Posted at 6:25 AM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 11:05:59-04

There's a nationwide investigation and search underway involving dozens of recalled Volkswagens stolen from the Pontiac Silverdome lot.

We're told some of the cars were already sold to unsuspecting buyers at auction.

Police believe the cars were taken from the lot, given bogus Michigan titles and then sold to an auction company. Many of the cars were VWs pulled off the streets by the emissions scandal.

Volkswagen rented the lot after government sanctions forced them to buy the diesel cars back because software was hiding how much emissions the cars were putting out.

Indiana media is reporting at least 60 of the vehicles are still missing after getting taken to Indiana and Kentucky. Both Michigan State Police and the FBI are investigating.

A dozen of the cars were found at an auction lot in Clarksville, Ind.

If you've recently bought a used diesel Volkswagen, the first thing you can do is check at to see if its been recalled, then call up the sheriff's office or wherever you got your car to see if the title is legitimate.