Drifters sit down with Chief Craig to discuss solution to dangerous driving on city streets, freeways

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jan 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-22 08:29:25-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — New music by artist 392KY highlights some of the excitement behind drifting or sliding and donuts, but not all of it has been good. Some drivers have caused stoppages on freeways and expensive cars have been seized by police.

"It really is about safety," said DPD Chief James Craig. "We want to work very quickly to find a place where they can have an opportunity to drift, certainly in a safe way."

Recently, Chief Craig has been meeting with dozens of drivers in the drifting movement – including veterans like Daryl Hairston and Will Quarles. Both sides looking for an agreement the city will help them secure a large lot that they can turn into a pit where drivers can drift and spectators can stay safe.

"When you really think about it, what makes it criminal if it's done in a safe way, in a safe location," Craig said.

Quarles, with the group Tripmode Active, said he understands why the chief and the city are coming together with them to spark a discussion and figure out a solution.

"Like chief said, it's a mutual agreement," said Hairston, also with Tripmode Active. "We're tired of running and tired of them chasing us, and tired of messing up our cars. Tired of (police) taking our cars... a lot of stuff going on we also agree with."

And it's important to point out that many drivers who like to drift do not condone the reckless stoppages on freeways. However, even a young driver told 7 Action News they're looking at things differently now and keeping their promise to the chief to stop taking over the freeways.

Quarles adding that street and freeway takeovers are not safe for anyone.

"I'm not caving in," Chief Craig said. "I just recognize it's a sport. We gonna wave our magical wand and we're going to chase these cars all over the city of Detroit... that's not going to happen. So let's create a safe place."

Hairston notes that there are currently only two cities that accommodate drifters, and that's Sacramento and Kansas, with pits for drivers to do stunts.