Drop in crime leads to major business comeback in Pontiac

Posted at 4:41 PM, Dec 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-08 16:41:55-05

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) — A continued drop in crime in the city of Pontiac helps lead to a major comeback in both the downtown and neighborhoods.

For the past several years, deputies say a safer Pontiac has not only led to better quality of life for citizens, but it's also contributed to increased investment from businesses.

On the streets of Pontiac there's a renewed sense of optimism being felt. People who live and work in the city say those who protect and serve are a big part of it.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard points to successes in reducing violent crime since his office began working here in mid 2011. Statistics show a 30 to 35% drop between then and now.

Specifically, the sheriff says there's also been a 40% drop in homicides in the past year and armed robberies have been cut in half since 2012. Cases of CSC went from 121 in 2013 down to 85 last year. Cases of Breaking and Entering are also down 50% since 2012.

This past year, there have been 126 fewer assaults, arsons have fallen from 44 to 17 and since 201 they've seized 1,229 handguns and 135 long guns along with that, ties have strengthened between the people and deputies.