DTE commits to improving the future of clean energy with new proposal

Posted at 2:25 PM, Jan 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-19 14:25:26-05

(WXYZ) — DTE Energy proposes a $388 million investment into Michigan's energy grids, electric storage and generation system. According to a press release, the energy company is preparing itself for the energy demands that might take place in the future.

The fund, which will be filed with the Michigan Public Service Commission Friday, is a part of the company's next steps to improving and building smarter grids.

According to DTE's proposal, the company will begin to modernize its energy grids depending on what MPSC says. The press release states that modernization includes continuing the multi-year tree trimming surge program, strategic infrastructure investments in substations, poles, wires, transformers and other assets, and smart technologies to help detect and prevent large-scale interruptions.

“DTE Energy and our customers imagine a future for Michigan when Michigander’s lives and livelihoods are enhanced by their connection to new technologies powered by a strong and reliable system,” said President and Chief Operating Officer of DTE Trevor Lauer. “That bright future is within our reach if we invest in a modernized grid of the future powered by cleaner energy generation.”

If the Michigan Public Service Commission grants DTE approval of their proposal, customer bills could be impacted. The release states that DTE estimates a bill could increase up to $10 per month. This new rate would not take effect until Nov. 2022.