Early season heatwave in Michigan could get dangerous

Posted at 10:13 AM, Jun 14, 2024

(WXYZ) — After Father's Day, we're crossing over into the hottest stretch of June days in the Detroit area since 2012.

VIDEO: Meteorologist Mike Taylor shares what you can expect to see next week:

Early season heatwave in Michigan could get dangerous

Nearly every day will have a heat index of 100° - 105° due to the high humidity anticipated.

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Heat Index

When it comes to this type of heat, you can get out there and enjoy it, but it's necessary to stay hydrated and find ways to cool off.

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Beat the heat

What causes a heatwave like this?
A heatwave is caused by a combination of meteorological and geographical factors that result in prolonged periods of abnormally high temperatures. Here are some key factors that contribute to it:

High Pressure System: A persistent high-pressure system can trap warm air and prevent cooler air from moving in. These systems often create a dome of hot air, known as a “heat dome,” which can lead to sustained high temperatures with little relief after sunset.

Stagnant Air Mass: When an air mass becomes stagnant, they do not move or mix with cooler air. This can cause the temperature to rise as the sun continues to heat the already warm air. This also leads to Ozone Action Days in the Detroit area and poor air quality.

High Solar Angle: Clear skies allow more solar radiation to reach the Earth’s surface, increasing temperatures. During the Summer months the sun's rays are very strong and direct and can significantly heat the ground and the air above it.

Urban Heat Island Effect: In urban areas, human activities and infrastructure (such as buildings and roads) can absorb and retain heat, causing temperatures to be higher than in surrounding rural areas.

High Humidity: Usually an added blast of heat on the east side of the United States courtesy of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coast. This will make the already hot air feel even hotter since the increased moisture makes it tough for the body cool down.

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Rare Michigan Heatwave

Detroit weather 7-day forecast

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