Eminem drops surprise album 'Kamikaze' at midnight

Posted at 5:44 AM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 22:59:21-04

Eminem dropped a surprise album named "Kamikaze" at midnight Friday, announcing it on Twitter.

He tweeted that he "tried not to overthink it." 

The album artwork is based on the jet rudder and stabilizer from the cover of the Beastie Boys' '80s album "Licensed to Ill." The other side has the jet crashing on impact.

"Kamikaze" comes just about eight months after his ninth studio album "Revival." 

Fans can stream the album via Apple Music or Spotify.

“It’s much more personal honestly cause it’s less like record company backed and more just this is a project that I made and here it is and now you can listen to it," said Sean MacKillop.

DJ House Shoes is a Detroit-born hip hop producer, who used to play Eminem's tracks back in the day, helping Slim Shady get recognized. 

“I want to hear him get down and dirty and from what I’m told he’s getting down and dirty on this so I can’t wait to dig in," said DJ House Shoes.