Epiphany Glass Studios to host its annual holiday show & sale

Posted at 5:00 PM, Dec 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-01 17:01:02-05

Blowing glass is an art form that you can get a chance to try your hand at.

Epiphany Studios in Pontiac is opening their doors to the public to see their process.

"I couldn't take my eyes off of it," said owner April Wagner. "I was fascinated by it."

April is the artist behind Epiphany Studios. After 20 years of creating glass pieces, both big and small, she still marvels at the process.

"Much like a magic trick where something is starting to happen, you're not sure what's going on and then BAM, you're like 'wow! I know I just watched that thing but how did that happen.'"

She wants the public to have the same experience, which is why she is opening up her studio this weekend, giving non-artistic folks a chance to create an ornament in time for the holiday season.

"Glass is so prevalent in our society," she said.  "It's everywhere. It's in our cars. It's in our buildings. It's in our houses, but it's also an ancient art form. People have been blowing glass for thousands of years and the fact that we are still doing it the same way with the same tools, that hasn't changed."

The process to make something takes only a few minutes but it takes years of experience to get it right.

April has created amazing art pieces that have been displayed in public buildings and homes.

She's working on a piece that will hang in Cobo Hall in two weeks.

Rebecca Silverman is assisting with that project.

"It's pretty exciting," Rebecca explained.  "All the hours that we spent making the pieces and then I'm sure April will spend just as many hours assembling it and putting it up."

During the workshop, April will sell animal-themed glass items and the proceeds will go to the Michigan Humane Society.

April hopes folks will have a better understand on this art form.

"They should feel connected, I think, to nature because glass is a natural material. It forms in nature and here it is being formed by man," she added. "It's just super beautiful."

Epiphany Glass Studios will host its annual Holiday Show & Sale the first weekend of December:
Friday, Dec. 2 (4-8 pm)
Saturday, Dec. 3 (12 – 6 pm)
Sunday, Dec. 4 (12-6 pm)

The address is:
770 Orchard Lake Rd.
Pontiac, MI.

The event is free and open to the public, and families are welcome to attend.

Guests will have the opportunity to create their own glass ornament during the Holiday Show. 

A $50 epiphany gift certificate is valid for one person’s glassblowing session.

Reservations are required in advance, and guests are welcome to attend. Glassblowing sessions may be scheduled during the Holiday Show or at your convenience by calling the studio at (248) 745-3786, or by email at