Facebook launches Lifestage app to connect classmates

Posted: 8:17 AM, Aug 22, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-22 18:49:03-04

As students head back to school, Facebook is hoping its new app will be the talk of the class.

Lifestage is an iOS app that aims to connect students in the same school. Think of it as a video/picture diary on public display for your classmates.

You take a picture of what you like, what you dislike; your happy face or sad face. There’s also a section that encourages you to add a video of how you dance and how you sing.

Once a school is unlocked, students can access each other’s profiles. They can even check out profiles from schools nearby, according to the app's description. 

It has a Snapchat feel, but there are no disappearing acts. Users can change out the content whenever they’d like.

The app’s description notes that there is no way for them to verify that a person who claims to go to a certain school does in fact go to that school. So, everything a student uploads has to be considered public to everyone.

Find out more about Lifestage here.