Family searching for man last seen at Electric Forest festival

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 13:18:18-04

A Highland Township family is desperately searching for their loved one who went missing from the Electric Forest music festival over the weekend. 

Twenty-year-old Kevin Graves is 6-feet-tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He also has a tattoo on his left arm. 

“We just like to know that he’s ok I mean we don’t really know what is going through his head, what actually went on at the festival,” said Tim Graves, Kevin Graves' older brother. 

Tim Graves is currently in the Muskegon area searching for any signs of his younger brother. Tim says he has spoken to people who think they may have spotted Kevin. 

“Some of the different people that have said that they have seen him, he’s been in some rough areas of the Muskegon area, but I mean as far as to go off like this and be gone for four days is totally out of character for him,” Tim said. 

Tim says Kevin does suffer from depression and says it has been days since Kevin has had his medication. Tim will stay a couple more days in the Muskegon area and is praying he does not have to come back to the east side of the state without his brother.

“Well, I guess we are going to put that in God's hands right now,” Tim said. 

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Kevin’s disappearance with the help of state police on the west side of the state. Call Michigan State Police’s Hart Post at 231-873-2171.