Farmington group wants to save historic homes

Posted at 5:40 PM, Dec 03, 2015

A Farmington group, Preservation Farmington, wants to protect historic building in the city like the four Queen Anne houses on Grand River Ave.

The City of Farmington is reviewing development options for the area. There is a possibility that those century-old houses could be torn down and replaced by retail shops, multi-story housing or a parking structure. 

“It’s really an important piece of our history and our identity as a community,” says Jena Stacey, member of Preservation Farmington. 

"In terms of maintaining that character and charm in downtown Farmington, there’s no reason that a new development project can’t also fulfill that objective,” says Bill Galvin, mayor of Farmington.

Preservation Farmington launched a petition online to garner support from other residents. So far, they have more than 200 signatures but it's really up to property owners about what they want to do with their space.

"Private property owner has certain rights, they can do what they want as long as it meets our zoning and our ordinances, they control what they do on their property,” says Galvin.

The group plans to present the petition to city council at the end of December. 

If you want to read the petition, click here: