Father and son involved in bizarre attack while stuck in traffic jam on I-94

Attacker tried to smash car window with knife
Posted at 11:46 PM, Jul 23, 2016

A local driver says he was left stunned after a terrifying ordeal on the expressway.

Michael Megis told 7 Action News he was riding along I-94 near the I-96 interchange Saturday when they came to a complete halt on the expressway due to heavy traffic.

That's when Megis said a man jumped out of a car and onto the hood of Megis’ Dodge Dart.

Then, the attacker pulled out a knife and started using it to hit the driver’s side window. He was unable to break the glass.

“Thank God Dodge builds a good window,” said Megis.

Megis told 7 Action News the man struck his car eight or nine times. It is not clear if then stranger intended to carjack the victims.

Once traffic picked up, Megis sped away and called Michigan State Police.

Megis wants to warn other drivers about his attack.