Father, son duo go 'trash fishing' to clean up Detroit River

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 18:19:03-04

When you go out fishing, you’re usually hoping for a big catch.

A father and son from Birmingham hit the Detroit River, but they aren’t looking for fish.

“You go right up to the shore and there’s trash all over,” said Tom Nardone.

He and his 11-year-old son Mark are going trash fishing.

“We find trash that is floating and we pick it up,” Mark said.

And instead of considering it work, the duo say it's pretty fun. 

“Wow this is a lot of fun, we should get other people to try it,” Tom added.

They both volunteer cleaning up parks in the area but Mark came up with the idea when he saw the amount of trash in the water.

“The trash is a real hazard to the fish and the ducks because they can try to eat it and choke on it,” he said.

“I’m not a boater,” Tom said. “We never owned a boat before.”

Tom just bought a boat a few weeks ago and he’s now holding trash fishing events in hopes of getting more people involved.

“If we get people having a good time and being a little competitive, we can pull a lot of trash out of the water,” Tom added. 

They’ve found an old Coast Guard water boat and a water ski along the river. Many times, trash doesn’t get thrown in the river, but it does make its way there.

“There’s all these trash cans around but people still leave it on the ground,” Mark said.

He added that he’s doing his part to help the environment, and he hopes you can too.

“There’s trash cans for a reason, use them,” Mark said. “It might just be a little bit of trash now but in the future, this water is just going to be trashed, trash, trash.”

The father and duo will be holding their next trashing fishing event on Aug. 19.

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