Federal report says Detroit Veterans Affairs Medical Center wasted $300,000 on unused TVs

Posted at 12:46 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 18:20:04-04

Federal inspectors have uncovered what they say is more than $300,000 in wasteful spending at The Detroit VA Medical Center.

A report by the Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Inspector General found the purchase of 300 television sets, for patient use, was improperly done. The units, have gone unused for nearly three years, sitting in the boxes they were delivered in.

The report says the items were purchased before an installation contract was awarded, and it was later determined the units were not compatible with design plans.

The VA spent nearly $20,000 to adjust their installation design, but still, the majority of the units have not been installed.

Adding further to the frustration, the warranties have since expired, which could lead to additional costs down the road should the units malfunction.

Robert McDivitt is the acting director who oversees the VA regionally. He was unavailable for comment, but acknowledged the mistake in a retort in the government report, and has vowed corrective action for the future. Saying in part, "In late 2014 the Detroit VA Medical Center revised its procedures on procurement of clinical equipment and expendables."

Furthermore, the Detroit VA told inspectors, new bids have been put out to install the TV's, with a target date of later this month.

The Office of Inspector General was tipped off to the wasteful spending in January of this year.