Firefighters rescue man who was trying to save ducklings from sewer

Posted at 3:26 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 16:16:09-04

A duck rescue turned into a human rescue after a man got himself stuck in a storm drain. It happened near the Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights.

Lt. Rich Feeney of the Sterling Heights Fire Department responded.

"We are there to save property, humans and even animals." The department saved all three Wednesday afternoon.

There is an area near the mall were ducks and geese hang out.

Firefighters got a call that a mother duck was circling a sewer grate after her ducklings fell in.

While firefighters were on the way, a man saw what happened and removed the grate and tried to get the ducks but he got stuck.

Feeney said, "He was in the storm drain but he just needed a little help to get out."

After pulling him out, firefighters continued with their duck rescue.

"People always question, 'well, why do you things like that?' Because we know if we don't do it a perfect example of what happened here," Fire Chief Chris Martin explained. "Some citizen will take it upon themselves to do it and then it could lead to something else."

This is the Sterling Heights fire department's 12th duck rescue this year. They say it's dangerous to go down themselves, but they are prepared.

Martin explained, "That's why we carry the long nets. We don't even want to enter the storm drains." While the rescued man has a tale to tell, firefighters hope others can learn from his mistake.

"Call us and let us take it from there," Feeney added. Last year, Sterling Heights firefighters responded to 15 rescues.

Martin said it is illegal for anyone to try and enter a storm drain.