School featured in WXYZ report investigated

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jan 19, 2016

On Tuesday Detroit sent health inspectors out to a Detroit Public School District school in response to problems exposed by 7 Action News on Friday.

A teacher showed 7 Action News problems in her classroom at Carleton Elementary, problems that she says forced her to quit. 

Water could be seen coming through her ceiling. She said it had been happening for three years, smelled, and was making her sick.

She also complained about a visibly dilapidated greenhouse attached to her room.  Her room is seperated from it only with drafty old windows and a door with holes in it, no door knob, and no lock. She says she has seen squirrels and rats in the greenhouse.

"It is a health hazard," said Nancy Muerhoff, a kindergarten teacher.

Some parents say they weren't aware of the persistent problems until 7 Action News reported them. Some saw the leaks, but assumed they were short term issues. 

They are concerned that long-term water leaks will harm their children's health.

"I don't want her breathing in mold," said Latice Turner, who has a daughter in the second grade.

She says she is going to give the district a short period of time to address issues.

"If not, I am going to switch her to another school," said Turner.

Mrs. Muerhoff says she spoke out to 7 Action News as she left because she wants conditions to improve for children stuck going to school in a building she says is dangerous.

"They are tough kids, but it is just not right," said Muerhoff. "They are the ones that lose. They are not getting what they deserve."

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