Detroit students protest schools before class

Posted at 6:36 PM, Feb 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 18:36:44-05

The Detroit Federation of Teachers called Tuesday a day of action.  

Teachers around Detroit Public Schools teamed up with kids for a new protest movement. This morning, instead of sickouts or walk-outs, there were walk-ins at schools around the district. Kids and teachers demonstrated outside schools, then walked into school together for the day.

7 Action News went to one protest coordinated by a fifth grade class at Clippert Academy and their teacher.

The kids named their class the turtles.  They chose the name because turtles are small, but strong, just like fifth graders.  Their teacher shared their story on Facebook, and got response from around the world.

The children made a list detailing changes they would like to see in their district. 

They talked about politics, the loss of a bilingual secretary at a school where most parents speak only Spanish, and classrooms so overcrowded that in some cases there are more students then desks.

“We deserve better,” chanted the kids.

The DFT also held a rally and prayer vigil in the evening at Cass Park.

The district has said that it hears concerns from parents and kids.  It says if legislation is passed that will address DPS debt, the district will be able to better serve parents and kids.