Redford mom concerned about rodents in schools

Posted at 6:15 PM, Mar 04, 2016

One mom fears a mouse problem could turn into a health problem at her daughters’ schools. She says her family has had too many run-ins with the rodents at schools.

Shiarius McKinney is a self proclaimed soccer mom. She says when she picked up one of her daughters and her friends for a game one day, the kids were going on and on about mice at school.  She didn’t think much of it.

“I was like, okay, a mouse. One. Or two maybe,” said McKinney.

Then a short time later her 7-year-old saw several at once in the media center at Fisher Elementary in South Redford.

“She said she can see them bouncing, moving around in the ceiling where the lights are at,” said McKinney.

Her eleven-year-old at Pierce Middle School came home and told her the problem was at the middle school too.  She regularly sees mouse poop in the school.

“They see droppings on the books.”

The McKinney, who is afraid of mice, says she nearly stepped on one at Thurston High School.

“It came running and I ran back out,” said McKinney.

She said she knows the school district is working on the problem, but she wants more done.

“I just want it checked out, because it causes a lot of health issues,” she said.

South Redford Schools Superintendent Brian Galdes says healthy schools are a priority. The district has hired Eradico to continue to address any problem with mice.

Right now the pest control company is coming monthly to the schools to take care of mice. The administration will continue to address this problem.

McKinney says she will keep an eye on the work Eradico and the district do.

“If I can’t protect my child at school when there are rodents running around I am not doing my job,” said McKinney.

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