School district says it can't afford to fix roof & stop ceilings from falling on Cody High students

Posted at 6:20 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 18:20:00-04

Two teachers say kids in the United States of America shouldn’t be forced to go to school in a mold filled building that is literally caving in on top of them.

Yet, that is exactly what is happening in the school where they teach.

Shallon Miller and Carissa Mcleish both are teachers at schools within the Cody High School building in the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

When lawmakers passed legislation to help Detroit Public Schools address debt accumulated while the district was under state control- they thought they would see change.

“Every year I say it can’t get worse, and it continues to get worse,” said Miller.

They provided 7 Action News with video inside the building.

You can see the roof on the building needs to be replaced. When it rains, water pours in filling lockers, the hall, and the gym with water. The adhesive keeps failing on water soaked ceiling tiles. 

Students have had tiles fall on their heads. Mold can be seen growing in some classrooms. Books have been soaked and destroyed in the library.

“I didn’t develop asthma until I started working at Cody,” said McLeish.  “I don’t think it is a healthy environment, much less a learning environment."

DPSCD Spokesperson Chrystal Wilson says the district is aware of the problem, but there are no plans to replace the roof this school year.

The reason? Money.

The district says it told lawmakers the legislation they passed provided $50 million dollars less than what is needed to fix buildings neglected under state management.

The district says its only option is to ask you, the public for help, if lawmakers don’t act.

“Lawmakers should worry about the funds. They knew they shortchanged the district when they gave us the funds. If your strategy is to oppress people, that is what is happening right now,” said Miller.

“Would you do this to your children?” asked Macleish.  “You just wouldn’t.”