Flash flooding causes recurring basement flooding in Berkley, fix is costly

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 17:11:58-04

The flash flood Monday night caused several basements to flood in Berkley. The water came rushing in, backing up from the sewer system through floor drains. 

This has been a problem for years. And even when homeowners take expensive steps to prevent flooding, it still happens.

In one older home, the owners put in a new sewer line to the street. Another family built a brand new house a year and a half ago. 

Both still had flooding with water backing up through their floor drains.

The City of Berkley put out a statement saying they are aware of the problem, they need to have a "conversation" with the community and homeowners should contact their insurance companies. 

Cell phone video of Gardner Street near Cambridge shows the water was so high it stranded one car.  The storm sewers in Berkley are not able to handle heavy rain that falls in a short amount of time. 

City officials tell 7 Action News, the decades-old sewer system can’t handle heavy rains and it could be cost-prohibitive to fix the system. 

Also, heavy rain like Monday night's could be considered an Act of God and the city is not liable to pay for damages for homeowners.

Berkley residents with flood damage are urged to report it to city hall by writing an email to: .