Ford unveils a new pickup truck...emoji, on World Emoji Day

Posted at 6:30 AM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 20:31:55-04

(WXYZ) — Ford Motor Company is unveiling an all-new pickup truck...sort of. The company announced on Wednesday morning that they are celebrating World Emoji Day by debuting the pickup truck emoji.

Last year, the automaker submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium, which reviews and approves proposals or new emoji. After a review, the group determined thta the pickup truck emoji has been added to the shortlist of candidates to be included in a future version of Unicode.

"When customers started demanding a truck emoji, we knew we had to help make it happen," Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of automotive, said in a release. "Given the popularity of Ford trucks globally, there's no one better than Ford to help bring an all-new pickup truck emoji to hard-working texters around the globe."

The company said that the concept emoji has been styled to meet current trends, and that the team spent time digging through message boards, texting influencers and watching social media feeds.

"People want a truck emoji that's fresh,stylish, carries their ideas, and 'tows' the line on what a truck means. The end result is a modern icon that should give all truck fans a smiley face emoji," Ford North America Design Director Craig Metros said.

If the emoji is approved early next year, it will be customized for all mobile platforms.