Former neighbor of person of interest in OCCK case speaks; tells story that haunts her to this day

(WXYZ) - A woman who says she knows the person of interest in the Oakland County child killer case is speaking out, sharing with Action News a story that haunts her sons to this day.

The former friend, who asked that we conceal her identity, says Arch Sloan, the person of interest identified this week in the slayings of four Oakland County children in the 70’s, was her neighbor in Southfield 30 years ago.

This woman tells us she was very close with Sloan’s sister. Arch was one of eight kids.

According to the former friend Sloan did something to her sons they’ll never forget. Around the time of the slayings in the 70’s Sloan took her sons on a camping trip and made them feel very uncomfortable.

“My oldest son had said to me that when they were camping that (Sloan) had them take their clothes all the way off to get dressed. My sons didn’t want to go with him again. When I heard that I told Arch’s father, Arch Sr.,” the former friend of Sloan said.

The former friend of Sloan’s says her sons were eight and 10 year-old at the time of the camping trip.

“Had to be quite a few secrets in that house. Quite a few,” she tells us.

Sloan went to prison in 1985 to serve a life sentence for criminal sexual conduct level 1.

Although he is not a prime suspect in the Oakland County Child Killer case he is a person of interest. That’s because this week law enforcement revealed that hair found in his 1966 Pontiac Bonneville matches hair found on two of the male victims. The hair does not match Sloan.

Even so investigators think one of Sloan’s friends or associates may hold the key to solving the case.

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