Cindy Gamrat talks one-on-one with 7 Action News

Posted at 10:35 PM, Sep 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-17 22:35:05-04

Former state lawmaker Cindy Gamrat, stayed on message Thursday night, when talking to 7 Action News about running for her old seat.

She says voters need a voice, and she will continue fighting for them in Lansing.

Gamrat still believes she was treated unfairly when she was expelled last week from her seat in the 80th District.

"People don't understand the process that's set up,"says Gamrat. "They don't understand there's no due process involved."

The special election is set for March 8th. She also responded to how she will fight back against attacks on her during the race.

Gamrat says, "I'm going to have to attack it head on, and be honest and be truthful about the things I've done, take responsibility for my actions and be better and show that I've learned from that."

The Michigan Attorney General and MSP are jointly investigating whether she broke any laws while in office.

She told us, "I've had some voters say what they did to you and your family is wrong, they still support me, but that's a decision each one is going to have to make and their will be some that will not come to that spot."

Four other candidates have officially filed for that seat. Gamrat says an open letter will go out to voters tomorrow.