Former Troy city manager sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for bribery

Posted at 1:01 PM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 17:23:04-05

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) — Former Troy City Manager Brian Kischnick has been sentenced to 30 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to one count of Bribery.

Judge Nancy Edmonds, who was the Judge in the case of Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's corruption case, said this morning that these cases are "so destructive" to communities and they undermine "so much of what we work for."

Kischnick told the judge in a lengthy statement before sentencing, he was addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs and that members of his family including his father and brother were alcoholics. But he also said "alcohol and drugs didn't commit this crime. Brian Kischnick did. I asked for the money, I accepted the money, I ate the food and drank the liquor."

Kischnick was charged with shaking down a contractor with the City of Troy for cash, food, booze and a free driveway at his home in Troy. He also got a free apartment for more than two years, but that was not part of this case. He also took from the city by accepting a $425 a month car allowance while driving a city vehicle.

Kischnick was busted last year when a Troy Public Works employee went to police and then the FBI.

The FBI set up a meeting with the contractor and Kischnick recorded on video and audio last year.

Kischnick will be allowed to turn himself in for his sentence. he will also serve two years of supervised release after prison. He will pay restitution of $4,500 the amount of the driveway and one bribe.

The Judge did not impose a fine because of his "lack of resources."

Kischnick is not working but is a volunteer in the alcohol recovery community.

City of Troy released this statement in response to Kischnick's sentencing:

At the sentencing, Federal Court Judge Nancy G. Edmunds considered Kischnick’s admission that he solicited almost $25,000 and actually received approximately $9,500 for his personal gain. Prior to the initiation of this federal criminal charge, the Troy City Council terminated Kischnick’s employment, after he was arrested for domestic assault in Clawson, Michigan. Since his termination date of March 11, 2018, the City of Troy leadership has continued to implement measures to protect taxpayers from unethical behavior. “This sentencing contributes to the deserved closure of this matter for the residents, businesses and employees of Troy,” said City Manager Mark F. Miller. He added, “It is critical that there is trust in the government and its employees, which is fostered by integrity and transparency.” The City was fully cooperative with the FBI investigation and the US Attorney’s office. In addition, the City immediately audited its internal security systems and verified that Kischnick had very limited access opportunities to the City’s financial accounts. The City has also retained an independent CPA firm, Plante Moran, for a comprehensive forensic review of Kischnick’s financial expenditures during his five year tenure, as well as any other anomalies. Plante Moran is also authorized to make recommendations for additional proactive measures to further insulate the City, as custodian of taxpayer money. This process is expected to be completed in the near future. The Troy City Council and City Administration remains committed to continuing transparency, providing its residents and businesses with information concerning this matter.