Friday rain triggers more flooding in parts of metro Detroit

Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 16, 2021

(WXYZ) — People in some areas hit hard by flooding in June are again dealing with the high water as Friday's heavy rain led to more flooding in some areas of metro Detroit.

Among the areas which saw more flooding today are sections of Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, the Grosse Pointes, and Detroit.

Officials tell 7 Action News much of the flooding resulted from saturated ground and creeks and rivers that have already been filled by the recent rains that have hammered metro Detroit, including the flooding at the end of June.

The Great Lakes Water Authority issued the following statement on today's rain and flooding, including a power outage at one of their pumping stations:

The current rain event began with an intense early rain fall. There are some reports of flooding in localized, isolated areas and particularly on the freeways.

Since the beginning of the rain today, GLWA’s Water Resource Recovery Facility is operating as designed. The Conner Creek and Freud Pump Stations continue to operate as designed and with available capacity. Water levels at both pump stations have remained well below the levels that would result in basement flooding.

An external power quality issue was experienced at the Blue Hill Pump Station, located in Detroit. Although it was not a complete power outage, we dispatched a response team to the site. The team quickly initiated the emergency generator and worked closely with the energy partners to resume full operations of the pump station. Power issues are resolved, and the pump station is operating as designed. The tributary area of the pump station is described in the attached map. GLWA will conduct an after-event analysis and work with the residents in the tributary system to determine if flooding was experienced.

If residents believe their local water/wastewater service provider caused damages or injuries, they should file a claim with their local provider. If residents believe the regional system caused damages or injuries, please file a claim with GLWA here.