Friday the 13th: Ghost hunters talk to the dead in metro Detroit

Posted at 3:49 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 16:59:18-04

Friday the 13th in October is a perfect day for a paranormal investigation.

WXYZ’s Syma Chowdhry followed the Motor City Ghost Hunters as they investigated the Westland Historic Village – and what they found may send chills down your spine.

The Motor City Ghost Hunters are trying to communicate with the dead, and sometimes they use electronic equipment such as the Ovilus, a ghost box, broken radios and sometimes, the old, turn on the light trick.

"It's believed the entities can use the white noise to communicate with us," said Brenda Ozog, Motor City Ghost Hunters.

Ozog said she often communicates with a civil war soldier who lived in the farmhouse that was transferred to the plot of land.

"We bring him back to life here and let him talk and give his story," she said.

If you don't believe them – the Motor City Ghost Hunters say that's fine.

"We've got skeptics on our team. That's why we do it, to prove or un-prove," said Brenda.

If you want to join the Motor City Ghost Hunters for an investigation, they are hosting at event at the Westland Historic Village October 27.