Frozen tomatoes thrown at Wyandotte family's cars, '666' written on windows, hood

Posted at 7:58 PM, Dec 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-15 22:08:48-05

WYANDOTTE, Mich. (WXYZ) — A Wyandotte family is hoping for answers after frozen tomatoes were thrown through the windows of several of their cars, and "666" was written on the windows, hood and windshield of their vehicles.

A police report was filed by the resident on Dec. 13. The owner of four of the five vandalized vehicles, Joyce Farley, said that she believes the damage happened after 2 a.m., because her daughter had arrived home at that time and no damage was noticed.

Farley's white Chevy Impala, black Saturn Vue, silver Chevy Cavalier, and gray Pontiac G6 were all damaged. A black Chevy Equinox, which belongs to Farley's daughter, was also damaged.

Police found multiple frozen tomatoes as solid and firm as baseballs, all along the ground near the vehicles and in the backseat of the Pontiac G6. There were also tomatoes in the grass beside the cars and in the front yard.

There was no damage to the home, police said.

The victim said she doesn't have issues with anyone in the area, and believes the damage may have been caused by kids.

There was no surveillance video available of the incident, police said.