Gas prices are climbing, AAA says crude oil is to blame

Posted at 10:54 PM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 23:29:06-05

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) — If you've been at the pump lately, you've noticed that gas prices are going up.

The average cost of gas per gallon in Michigan is up more than 10 cents since Monday and is still climbing.

“I only put $31 in there and it isn't even giving me a half a tank of gas," Delores Tillman said.

She stopped by the Marathon Gas station and $31.03 is all Tillman was willing to put in her tank.

“It cost too much. Then I just used my debit card so that is what, $3.39 a gallon," Tillman said.

That is 3 cents higher than the state average for gas.

“It’s about $3.36 for regular unleaded. That’s up 14 cents just since Monday," AAA Michigan spokesperson Adrienne Woodland said.

She says gas prices are climbing and crude oil is to blame.

“This week, crude oil prices actually hit the $90 a barrel mark, which is a price we have not seen since about October of 2014," Woodland said.

Drivers are feeling the pinch, forcing them to have to shop around for cheaper prices at the pump.

Carol Montgomery says gas is way too expensive on the west side.

“I generally travel to east 7 mile and they are much lower," she told 7 Action News.

“Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor are typically two of the ones that stay at the highest but sometimes can be at the lowest," Woodland said.

Drivers say they just want a steady price with no surprises.

“Find a spot and just stay there instead of going up and down. It’s hard on our pockets," Calvin Adams said.

Montgomery says, “I hope to see it go down because everybody can’t afford this.”

It’s also adding to the current inflation we are seeing across the globe.

“We’re not getting raises. The prices of gas, the prices of food going up, we just have to make it work," Tillman said.

To look at gas prices in your area, visit AAA’s website.