Giant Michigan pumpkins on display for a good cause

Posted at 5:55 PM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-13 17:57:19-04

Two giant Michigan pumpkins are being showcased for a good cause. Both have a combined weight of more than 3,000 pounds.

"The mighty Squidward, 1704 pound pumpkin is the man-eating pumpkin," said Mark Clementz of World Wide Giant Growers

The second bright, orange pumpkin weighs at more than 1400 pounds and it's named "Trumpkin."

"It's so orange, kind of like Donald's hair. Everybody has commented about his orange hair. So, we went with Trumpkin the pumpkin."

Clementz has been growing pumpkins in his yard for the past 20 years. He has held the state's record for the biggest pumpkin for the past two years.

On Saturday, he will take the two pumpkins in this trailer to the Spicer Orchards Farm Market in Fenton.

Both will be on display for the next two weekends and folks can take a picture with  "Squidward"or "Trumpkin" for $5.

Fifty-percent of the proceeds will help children go to Alexandria's Nature Camp at the Howell Nature Center.

He said, "Teach them about nature. Back to the basics."

So, how does a seed turn into a giant pumpkin? Lots of TLC and one key ingredient.

"Hundred gallons of water a day, per plant. In the peak of the season and weeding, feeding, yeah it's not cheap to grow one of these pumpkins."

By June, the giant pumpkins are pretty small. "These will actually be growing 40 to 50 pounds a day."

But, not any old pumpkin has the potential to grow this big.

These pumpkins have the right DNA in the seeds.

"Have the seed, have the soil, I don't even walk on my soil. I have planks and boards I walk on, so I'm not walking on the soil."

All that hard work gives Mark bragging rights and the chance to help kids learn about nature.