Teen testifies dispute over condom led to killing of Detroit's Chef Doug

Posted: 6:34 PM, Sep 22, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-23 09:58:26-04

A 17-year-old sex trafficking victim testified Friday during the preliminary examination of the suspect in Douglas Calhoun's homicide on June 1. 

The teen said she and Calhoun, known as "Chef Doug," got into a dispute at her home on the 14600 block of Burgess in Detroit.

The dispute would turn deadly and lead to weeks of Calhoun's family and friends searching for him.

The teen said that she met Calhoun on, where her boyfriend, suspect Travun Baskerville, 27, uploaded her pictures for men to contact her for prostitution.

After paying the teen $50 and engaging in oral sex, the teen claimed that Calhoun wanted to have vaginal sex without a condom.

"He wanted to do it without a condom," she said.

When the teen refused to have unprotected sex, she says Calhoun wanted his money back.

The two argued. The teen testified that it was then that Baskerville came out of a bedroom, armed with a long gun. 

She said Calhoun was then arguing with Baskerville, continuing to demand his money back when Baskerville shot and killed Calhoun.

Investigators say Calhoun was shot three times, including one gunshot wound to his back.

With Calhoun dead on the bed in the living room, Baskerville paced the room, wondering what to do next. 

The teen, who has been given immunity in the case, says she only helped Baskerville get rid of Calhoun's body in a dumpster because she was scared.

On July 7, Calhoun's remains were found near a vacant house on the 14600 block of Greydale in Detroit, just a block away from where the teen lived with Baskerville and her two-year-old child.

Baskerville is facing multiple charges, including First Degree Murder and Human Trafficking.

Under oath, the teen said it was Baskerville's idea that she earn money through prostitution, and when she wanted to stop, she said he'd hit her.

When she asked about getting a regular job, she says Baskerville would tell her that she didn't want to work for "the white man."

She says she handed Baskerville all the money she earned in prostitution.

36th District Court Judge Lydia Nance Adams found there was sufficient evidence to order Baskerville to stand trial.

Baskerville remains in jail without bond.