Pitch your idea on GoDaddy's new Flare app

Posted: 8:06 AM, May 27, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-27 09:17:38-04

There's a new app aimed to help entrepreneurs bring their big ideas to life.

The website hosting company GoDaddy wants to help you get going on your dreams with this community-based app called Flare

The goal is to get feedback on new concepts and ideas, helping entrepreneurs take that next step.

Users can create their own ideas, poll the community for feedback on certain aspects of their potential business, and explore other concepts from nearby entrepreneurs.

If you think their pitch is good, swipe right. If you're not impressed, swipe left. If you select the heart icon, the app will let you follow the idea's growth.

GoDaddy says in a news release the app is also a good way to give back. If you're a successful businessperson or investor, you can enroll to become an advisor, supporting concepts and helping budding entrepreneurs in their developmental phases.

Flare is now available for iOS devices; GoDaddy notes they are working on an Android version, it's expected to be ready in June.

Some neat ideas are on there already, like a personalized coffee delivery service and an app for date ideas on demand. 

More about the app here.