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15-year-old John loves movies, riding bikes and fishing

Posted at 9:00 AM, Jan 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-13 09:38:26-05

Our Grant Me Hope Child this week is a 9th grader named John who is 15 years old and enjoys playing video games and watching movies.

He's a big fan of action and comedy films.

"Ever since I watched 'The Flash,' I was just like, how is he going so fast? And then, I was like, I want to go fast someday," says John.

He also likes riding fast on his bike and catching fish with his friends. John also enjoys sharing his love for cars, and here's what he wants when he gets older.

"I would like a 2021 Sierra GMC just because, it's just like really cool, like the interior and everything," says John. "And then there's like a lot of sports cars that I want too, like Lamborghinis or Ferraris or something like that."

John also loves to shoot hoops and to talk about the game in which he hit a final shot.

"We only had like four minutes left then we had to go in and I just like shot the last shot," says John. "And then made it. I was like, 'How did i make that!?' And it was a three-pointer too."

An adult close to John told The Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, M.A.R.E. that, John has many friends and, "he does well socially when he gets familiar with others."

M.A.R.E says John would do best with one or two parents who are trauma-informed. They must be committed to helping John with the services he needs to help him thrive. And they need to encourage his continued relationships with his siblings.

If you would like to adopt John please call M.A.R.E at (800) 589-6273.

For more on John, visit the MARE website, and you can also view a list of children up for adoption here.

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