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16-year-old Lily has a love for wildlife and wants to be a veterinarian

Posted at 12:50 PM, Jun 13, 2024

Our Grant Me Hope child this week is 16-year-old Lilly, who loves swimming and loves spending time outdoors.

According to the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, Lily also has a special attention for critters in the woods.

A close adult tells us that she wants to be a veterinarian and that she has a love for wildlife.

Her interests also extend to arts and crafts, playing games like Uno, and she wants to visit Disney World.

“Lilly has a kind heart and loves to snuggle,” says one of her close adults. “Lilly enjoys going places with the family and watching movies together. Lilly deserves and requires a loving home. She has been through a lot and just wants to be loved. She describes herself as funny, loving, silly and outgoing.”

Lilly would do well with two parents who can give her the attention she thrives on. Her new parents need to make sure Lilly gets the services that will help her function at her best. Lilly would do best in a structured home with a consistent routine. Lilly also would best as the youngest or only child in her new forever family. Finally, Lilly needs a family who will be open to letting her explore who she is and support her no matter what.

For more information on Lily, visit the MARE website, and view a list of waiting children there. You can also see more stories on our Grant Me Hope page.