Grant Me Hope: Foster child Jamie likes basketball, video games, and practicing magic tricks

Posted: 11:53 AM, Mar 22, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-30 13:04:48-04
Grant Me Hope: Jamie is waiting to be adopted

A little sleight of hand and a lot of practice goes into magic tricks Jamie can do.  The foster child is hoping to one day share those tricks with his future family.

The 14-year-old is learning the fun craft in his spare time on the weekends.

“I like to do magic tricks with cards. Teach myself how to do those,” he explained.

The teen also enjoys sports.  

“I like basketball. My Dad used to watch it all the time,” said Jamie. “What I like best about basketball is how they play it when they play it and the skills and drills they go through to play it,” he said.

His case worker said he is an avid Boston Celtics fan.  He’s also known to cheer on the Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and Ohio State.

He also has a creative side.

“I like art. I draw a variety of things. I draw people, abstract things. I draw dragons, knights. I like video games,” he said with a smile.

Some of his favorite include Maddon, 2K, Call of Duty, and the Fifa video games series.

But he’d love to have a Mom or Dad to play games with.

“The family I kind of want is a Mom, Dad. [Their home] could be in the city [with] brothers, sisters, either/or because I  didn’t really grow up with a lot of that,” he explained.

“I would like to do sports like soccer and football with the family. Play games, stuff like that,” he added.

When asked what adoption means to him, he gets serious.

“Adoption to me is like taking a kid in to another family so that they are able to live a life that they were deprived of. It’s important to me because I want a family that I can be loved by,” he said.

Then he added, “I want a home not a placement.”

If you’d like to learn more about Jamie, please CLICK HERE.

You can also call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange to talk with an Adoption Navigator if you’re thinking about adopting or fostering a child. Please call (800)589-6273 to learn more.