Harvard University researchers develop soft autonomous robot that looks like an octopus

Posted at 7:58 AM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 10:06:16-04

Researchers at Harvard University have developed a robot that looks more like a sea creature than a high-tech gadget.

It's called the "Octobot." The squishy little device, researchers say, is the first autonomous, entirely soft robot that doesn’t need to be tethered to any outside electronics. 

According to Harvard, the Octobot was created with the help of 3D printing and lithography. It’s reportedly powered by a chemical reaction.

A soft circuit-like structure embedded in the Octobot autonomously regulates the flow of fluid. Essentially, it controls the break down of hydrogen peroxide into gas which inflates the bots' arms and legs, according to the university. 

Harvard researchers say on the university's website that they are hoping to use this proof of concept to eventually develop an autonomous soft bot that can "crawl, swim and interact with its environment."

Check out more about the Octobot on Harvard's website here.