Hazel Park teen girl fights back & tases man who allegedly tried to sexually assault her

Posted at 6:14 PM, Nov 13, 2020

HAZEL PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) — A teenage girl fought back against an attacker who tried to sexually assault her near Hazel Park High School.

Police say the 29-year-old attacker saw a 17-year-old girl walking near the high school. that's when he allegedly told her he intended to sexually assault her, and pulled her behind a baseball dugout.

Prosecutors say Darrel Tellis was in the area of Hughes and Tucker on Monday night when he saw the girl. Police tell us she was walking to her boyfriend's house when he approached her and ordered her to stay quiet, demanding sex.

“He said 'don’t scream. I just want to have sex with you.' He grabbed her and led her to an area near a baseball field," Hazel Park Police Chief Brian Buccholz said.

Buccholz said the girl had a taser in her pocket and courageously fought back, using it then screaming out loud as she managed to get away and run to a nearby home. A woman answered the door and quickly called 911.

“She’s very brave for thinking to have the taser with her and knowing how to use it," Buccholz said."Very fortunate that physically she’s not harmed except a scratch.”

Police say Tellis got away, but they immediately began searching the area and found someone matching his description had visited a gas station prior to the incident.

Surveillance images helped them lead to Tellis and his arrest. Police say he confessed on the spot.

Police say Tellis faces as much as 10 years behind bars, for multiple charges including criminal sexual conduct. He’s locked up on $450,000 cash bond at the Oakland County Jail, awaiting his next court appearance