Dr. Partha Nandi looks at ways to fight fall allergies

Posted at 6:02 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 18:08:53-04

A health alert tonight for anyone who suffers from fall allergies - you may have already started sneezing and wheezing, but there are some things you can start doing now to get some relief.

With September just days away, it’s hard to believe summer is soon coming to an end. 

If you suffer from fall allergies you should start thinking of how to fight them off starting now.  As our climate continues to change, the allergy season may not only arrive earlier but last longer.

The first step is to plan ahead. If you take medications consider starting now before symptoms kick in. 

Next is to minimize any mold in your environment. I’d love to say you can get rid of it completely but that’s almost impossible. You’ll find it outside where dead leaves gather and inside your house in the bathroom and basement areas.

The third step is to avoid pollen.Sounds easy but a bit hard to do unless you live in a bubble. But when the pollen counts are high, try to stay indoors with the windows closed and the air conditioning on.  

And the last step is to seek help. No need to suffer in silence. Allergists can help by giving you a personalized treatment plan that works for you.

We know there are other things people can do to help with allergies, so what are your prescriptions?

  1. Capture allergens with a HEPA filter.  It removes pollen and mold from the air in your house.
  2. Minimize moisture as this reduces mold. Wipe up any water, use fans in the bathroom and scrub any mold you see on surfaces.
  3. Leaves are starting to fall and allergy suffers should consider wearing masks when raking or gardening.  Look for a NIOSH rated N95mask.  
  4. Before turning on the heat, clean vents and change the furnace filter. You’ll avoid filling your house with allergens trapped in the summer.

Windy days can be tough because the wind can carry pollen from ragweed, trees and grasses over 100 miles.  The best time to head outside if after a good rain when the pollen is cleared out of the air.