Study links dancing and music with happiness

Posted at 6:02 PM, Aug 22, 2016

A new study out of Australia links dancing and music with happiness.

My wife and I are huge fans of dancing so I personally know how music can lift one’s spirit. Researchers from Deakin University in Victoria Australia analyzed interviews from over 1,000 participants. The ones who danced or attended music events like concerts reported higher levels of happiness compared with those who sang, listened to music or played an instrument. 

Psychology suggests it’s about emotional and social connections. It’s being active, engaging with others and using music to express one’s emotions. Social connections are critical to our well being and music is a way to bring people together.

We want to lead happy lives so here are my prescriptions on how to find more happiness at any age:

1. True Happiness Needs to Be Nurtured, Cultivated And Practiced
Everyday take a minute and focus on what you’re grateful for in your life.

2. Connect with Others
It gives you a sense of well-being and meaning in the world, so reach out to an old friend or make a new one.

3. Do More of What You Love
Follow your passions and you’ll be filled with more joy.

4. Exercise
Neurotransmitters and endorphins are released that help you to feel good and attributes to better mental health as we age.

Music itself can also be beneficial but don’t just walk around with headphones on. The study showed there’s a clear difference between listening to music in isolation verses listening to music or dancing that includes other people.   We need to engage with others.