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Tech disorder? Smartphones linked to bizarre horn-like skull bumps

Posted at 5:36 PM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 17:36:34-04

(WXYZ) — Horn-like bumps have been discovered growing on the back of peoples’ skulls. And researchers are linking these bizarre growths to smartphones and other mobile technology

Well it’s really not surprising that our bodies are being impacted by today’s technology. You’ve heard of other ailments like “text neck” and “texting thumb” – now we can add these horn-like structures to the list.

Now the researchers who discovered these growths are referring to them as “prominent exostosis ... emanating from the external occipital proturbance.” Those are fancy scientific terms that basically mean a bone spur found at the base of the skull, just above the neck.

They are likely developing from too much screen-time, poor posture and the repetitive motion of looking down. When you tilt your head forward, you’re actually shifting the weight from the spine to the muscles at the back of your head. Now bone spurs form on the edges of bones. They may look like little horns but are actually a pointed bony outgrowth. They’re usually caused by local inflammation, especially in injured areas like tendons and ligaments. And as your body tries to fix itself, it actually creates more bone near the damaged area.

The researchers actually discovered these bone growths while examining skull x-rays of about 400 people between the ages of 18 and 86. And the largest bone spurs were actually found on younger people.

This is surprising because these formations take a long time to grow. Now are they harmful? Well, most are not painful, but if they get large enough, they can become a problem. So if you are experiencing neck pain, why don’t you reach around to the back of your skull and see if you can feel a horn-like bump.

But regardless, any pain should be discussed with your family doctor.

You can also strengthen muscles with exercise, you can raise your devices up with a pillow on your lap, and be sure to keep an eye on your posture. Don’t hunch over, keep your back straight and shoulders back. Lastly, it’s vital that you move, please don’t sit around for hours looking at these small hand-held screens. It’s really not good for your health.

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